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These tears that are sliding your skin trying to find their way to the floor, These tears that you spill out because of your feelings, Please do not let them fall in vain Please do not let them become just


We let their blame suck every good out of our full heart, Condemning ourselves because they weren’t able to receive love. How is it that we convince ourselves That hands that are not ready to hold Our hearts properly and

Live For The Moment

Best friends

Each Moment Is Precious Live for the moment, Just take it all in. Pay attention to everything, Right there and right then. Don’t let your mind wander To what’s coming next. Cherish this moment And give it your best. Don’t

Lessons Of Life

I’ve lived quite a while and learned quite a bit About life and this world where we live. I’ve found that it’s filled with both good and the bad. Some who take, while some others will give. There’s a balance


First perception can be very strong About those we see around. Yet how often are they wrong? That is the truth I’ve found. Not all who cry are weak. Not everyone who looks can see. Not all who are quiet

Fear Of Love

Have you ever loved someone so much, that fear takes control of every emotions Fear of Love Fear of losing that feeling That one day you will hear the word Goodbye. How can love and fear be twisted in one


Dear Future I am awaiting your presence As if my body is in shock and am freezing to death With only one intention, which feels into an urge to love A permissive thought that only you can bring, by touching


Best friends

Let me live within the moment. Let me feel all that I can. Let me cherish life for all it’s worth, With everything I am. Let me see what’s right in front of me, With vision crystal clear. And face


Betrayal!!! She blew into my life like a sweet summer breeze, Stole my heart in an instant, made me weak in the knees… She seemed so sincere when she’d look in my eyes And say the things I’ve waited to


Best friends

What’s a best friend, But the smell before rain? The hand that we give, When a friend is in pain. It’s the thing that we do, The words that we say That pulls a friend through When their hearts torn

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