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First perception can be very strong About those we see around. Yet how often are they wrong? That is the truth I’ve found. Not all who cry are weak. Not everyone who looks can see. Not all who are quiet

3 Levels of Maturity You Should Have Before Entering Into Marriage

Marriage is not for kids, obviously. A good marriage can only be built by two mature people who are willing to forgive each other an overlook faults. Unfortunately, maturity does not always comes with age, and for most people it

Five Ways to Be The Best Girlfriend He Ever Had

Just like women, men want different things in a relationship. For instance, some prefer a clingy woman… you know, the type that gets mad when you don’t call or text back. Or the kind that comes home early, makes dinner

Major Tips for a healthy Relationship

While we like to believe that love is something that we are not responsible for, we are responsible for our relationships. Yes, love may strike you all of sudden, but after that everything depends on you. On both of you,

Healthy Tips for Students and Researchers

A healthy lifestyle is important both for researchers and ordinary people. Check up some useful tips how to stay fit even despite many stresses and barely any free time. Lifestyle as a psychological term According to Alfred Adler, a well-known

People you should never get into a serious Relationship with

Because we crave attention and companionship, we are scared of being alone, we let glaring signs slide. A toxic partner or a relationship doesn’t manifest itself suddenly. It’s gradual. We see the signs and we ignore. Sometimes hoping we can


Hi Cuties I have heard lots of people asking “How can I know if he/she is the one for Me”… Well today let’s talk about that. Lovers are eternally connected, you don’t need to kiss first to feel the chemistry

Dating tips every lady should know

Every relationship has its own ups and downs, however, knowing how best to handle relationships to avert or curb forthcomings would go a long way. Don’t just sit to read, grab a coffee and read along. 1. Play with him


(Love’s essence, characteristics and power) I have read a lot of conceptions and misconceptions about the four letter word – Love. It is one of the most popular words used in this generation and past. Yet it’s one of the


The need to have someone special in your life may make you overlook some vital qualities you should pay attention to in a long-term partner. This need puts you in a position where you illuminate unimportant qualities and become a

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