Fear Of Love

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Have you ever loved someone so much, that fear takes control of every emotions
Fear of Love
Fear of losing that feeling
That one day you will hear the word Goodbye.

How can love and fear be twisted in one
That you cant even tear them apart
Maybe loving means risking everything
For that one person who makes you feel larger than life.

I feel that with you
Fear of feelings i promised myself i would not feel again
Fear of giving myself to hurt again
Pains of saying goodbye and never loving again

Where do i go from here?
Do i let my fear of not being enough drive me away?
Or do i hold on and shut fear out and know that real love will win?


Love knows no time, place and no fear
We do that on our own
Tried to reason something
That had no reasoning about

Always from afar i saw you
Until one day, you were there
With warmth in your face i could not refuse
Now you are the Woman i dream of
A fear i never expected when i look at you
Love that lit like a candle in a dark still room
In one flash you lighted my heart with warmth and fear


I do not know if fear of losing you will win
Or if i have the strength to hold on and wait
For our love to flourish into a lifetime of security and happiness

The one thing i do know
Is that my fear of losing you is my heart admitting
That there is a part of you i hold dear

One day, I imagine you will
Reflect upon our love
I hope you will wonder
If by chance it had been sent from above.

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