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Lots of efforts and research has been conducted to know the root cause of shyness or other comments on personality and upbringing but all to no avail. The truth most likely lies somewhere in the middle of any attempt to


Charcoal has been taking over social media with those infamous peel-off masks. But the question is, do they really work? For many years now, charcoal has been hyped for medicinal purposes and water treatment but only recently has it become popular for skincare,


Different ways to boost your brain; When it comes to mental endurance, there are a few ways to ensure a sharp mind and excellent concentration. Nutritionists emphasise the importance of healthy eating habits at such a particularly stressful time. “They

Important Sleeping Positions and how they affect our Health

The one thing our parents fool us into believing as kids is that sleeping is a punishment. As we grow older, we slowly but surely start to realize that sleeping is one of the best things that can happen to

Habits To Ensure a Healthy Heart

Healthy heart is very crucial if you want to live a long and healthy life. You will be able to prevent such heart-related issues like stroke and high blood pressure. The best way to ensure this happens is to start

Become a Makeup Professional! Learn how to apply Eyeshadow with these tips

Knowing how to apply eyeshadow has proven to be more difficult than we could have ever imagined. It almost seems as though we would need all the fine art lessons from secondary school to get it right. Sometimes, irrespective of

Natural Remedies for Stretch marks

To prevent and eliminate stretch marks, it’s not only important to constantly moisturize your skin, but also to use ingredients that promote skin regeneration and collagen production. Stretch marks are white or reddish lines in the middle layer of the

Live For The Moment

Best friends

Each Moment Is Precious Live for the moment, Just take it all in. Pay attention to everything, Right there and right then. Don’t let your mind wander To what’s coming next. Cherish this moment And give it your best. Don’t

Lessons Of Life

I’ve lived quite a while and learned quite a bit About life and this world where we live. I’ve found that it’s filled with both good and the bad. Some who take, while some others will give. There’s a balance


First perception can be very strong About those we see around. Yet how often are they wrong? That is the truth I’ve found. Not all who cry are weak. Not everyone who looks can see. Not all who are quiet

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