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Life is so unpredictable Love is even more Sometimes we don’t realise How special our love is Until its slipping away, going out the door You take my love for granted More than anyone else But it’s still you that


As I walk across the earth Thousands of things I get to see Birds fly high, soaring higher On the flowers, I hear the sound of bees The sun at the dawn, rises within the hills Mountains covered with snow


How can one smile such sweet smiles When one is saddened by sorrows for miles How can one smile the same smile When life brings one nothing but tears I wondered for so long What reason one had to smile


If you must go, then go for a while Remember that first step is a hard travelled mile To learn what lessons,life has in store You must be willing to open each door Don’t be afraid to experience something new


The past is past for a reason That is where it is supposed to stay But some cannot let it go In their heads it eats away Until all their focus becomes Who they used to be Those mistakes they


If at times you feel like you want to cry And life seems such a trial Above the clouds, there’s a bright blue sky So make your tears a smile As you travel on life’s way With its many ups

Beauty of God’s Creation

When you see the beauty of green mountains And feel the lush valleys Know that they are all yours Cherish them; the more you do The more you’ll be thankful As you look over the waters of the ocean Remember

25 Matching Colour Combinations For The Nigerian Bride To Be

As a bride to be, one of the factors/points that is of great importance while planning your wedding is the colour theme for the wedding especially for the fabrics/attires involved. For the Church Wedding or Nikkai Ceremony , most times

E-commerce for your fashion business

This article contains some essential tools required to set up a simple E-commerce shop, at Fashion Online Nigeria we offer real time solutions for your business. It is our greatest delight to see your fashion business grow. As the trends

What and Who Really Makes a Fashion Designer?

  What and who really makes a fashion designer? You may describe a fashion designer as an individual with an aristocratic style and a high sense or taste for clothes and accessories. But anybody can have this qualities and would

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